Building the Community Pharmacy Programme (Healthy Eating)

Building the Community – Partnership (BCPP) programme, (Session 5 – Healthy Eating) held at Western House Coalisland, 7th October 2015. In attendance were the group, Pharmacist Adele Graham of O’Neills Chemist Coalisland, Catherine McKenna Health Support Officer with Mid Ulster District Council and Lucia Carolan Project Coordinator with LiLAC.
LiLAC in partnership with Pharmacist Adele Graham of O’Neills Chemist Coalisland deliver a monthly programme to a core group of people who are affected by cancer or other long term health problems. Topics are designed by the group which includes healthy eating, pharmacy services, cancer prevention, mental health issues, stress and relaxation and the benefits of physical activity.
The programme will continue until June 2015 which is held on the first Wednesday of every month.
If you would like further information on this programme contact LiLAC’s Cookstown office 028 6876 6866