We offer a range of therapies to help alleviate the emotions and symptoms that often accompany the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Many users have reported that therapies help relieve conditions such as anxiety and fear, nausea, aches and pains, depression and insomnia. Therapies are designed to work alongside conventional treatment. The therapies we offer, all free of charge and include:

Reflexology, massage and aromatherapy. Our team of specially trained therapists can help you choose which therapy suits you best.

The Neighbourhood Renewal Health Programme

The Neighbourhood Renewal Health Programme

Our premises in Coalisland provide complementary therapy.  The therapies are reflexology, aromatherapy and massage.  Neighbourhood renewal residents with chronic illnesses such as cancer, depression, anxiety, arthritis, diabeties, heart disease and many more can receive up to 6 free sessions of therapy.

To arrange an appointment telephone, 028 8676 6866 or 028 8774 6600 or email:

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